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Why Choose Campus Housing?

Living on campus heightens your college experience. At East Mississippi Community College, students have the opportunity to socialize, meet new people, get involved with a variety of activities, form relationships and learn about other cultures.  Studies show that students who live on campus are more likely to complete their college education. Living on campus is about experiencing the whole package of college life. Enjoy your college experience. Make memories and friendships that may last long after you leave, take the opportunity while you can to enjoy this time at its fullest. Please note that campus housing is only available at our Scooba location. 

Apply for Housing -

Students who want to live on campus should submit a Housing Application.

Online Housing Application

I am prepared to pay now.

 PDF Housing Application

I will submit payment by mail.

Students who want to live in a residence hall must also pay a $100 non-refundable* housing deposit. Students will not be assigned a room or placed on a wait list until they have attended a JourneyEAST Orientation session and are registered for classes. 

For student who need to request special housing accommodations due to pre-existing medical conditions or because they are considered a high risk category for the recent COVID-19 global pandemic, please complete the Housing Accommodation Request Form and submit along with your Housing Application.


*The housing deposit is non-refundable unless EMCC is unable to provide housing due to a lack of availability, in which case, the deposit will be refunded upon written request from the student.
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Check out our Housing Frequently Asked Questions.

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