What is Computer Networking? Networking involves building computer networks from the ground up.  This involves evaluating protocols, operating systems, hardware components, networking devices, and software tools to make a network run efficiently.  Critical thinking skills are an essential part of monitoring and troubleshooting a network.
    Students entering the Computer Networking Technology major will be given the opportunity to train in a hands-on environment in the field of information technology. The curriculum provides students the necessary exposure to a wide variety of classes and lab environments that will be beneficial to them after completing their Associates of Applied Science degree in Computer Networking Technology. 

    EMCC Golden Triangle Campus’s CNT curriculum is honored to also be a Cisco® Local Academy as well as a CompTIA Academy. Students will take a four semester program as part of the CNT curriculum which will teach them the principles of designing, building, and maintaining networks. Upon completion of an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Networking Technology, students should have the necessary skills to take the CCNA, A+, Net+, Server+, Security+ and Linux+ certifications.

    Increasing! Due to technological advances, the number of job openings in computer and computer-related fields is expected to increase. Job opportunities are available in such fields as network administration, network installation, linux specialist,
security specialist, and computer/network technician

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